Meet Mary Lechene

MARY LECHENE, Creative Director

Hello! I'm Mary! I am a mother to two awesome boys, Owen and Oliver, and married to the best man I know, Craig. When I am not busy taking care of Owen and Oliver and spending time with my husband, I love to do hair. My talents lie primarily with hair coloring/highlighting, cutting and blowdry styling. In beauty school, I had declared to my instructors that I would never again do a perm or "old lady 'do" after I graduated. I meant that, and I still will not do either of those things, so please don't ask. :) I especially enjoy doing Yuko Permanent Japanese Straightening and makeovers, as it is most rewarding to see the drastic change in appearance and confidence of individuals following such a transformation.


Thank you to all of my wonderful clients for your reviews and continuous referrals. Your support and constant raving have allowed me to do what I love. 


Thank you for taking this time to read a little bit about me. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and discuss the possibilities that your hair has to offer.


Interview ...

When asked what inspired her to open her own salon, Mary said she had to own her own salon since no salon around allowed her to consistently visit her family for the holidays (a priority) and they live out of state.  Also, she has a need for perfection, or at least constant improvement, and having her own salon allows for that. 

Mary's favorite edible indulgences are healthy fruit smoothies and homemade gourmet baked goods.

Mary believes in paying it forward, so she regularly mentors and teaches the future professionals at the Paul Mitchell School in Raleigh and the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill.  "Knowledge is meant to be shared."

Other than spending time with her husband Craig and sweet boys, Owen and Oliver, Mary enjoys riding motorcycles, picnicing, hiking, animals, hanging out in nature, Pinterest, cooking, shopping, the movies, reading , swing dancing, board games/cards, high speed go-karting and spending time with friends and family.


BUCKET LIST:  Finish my pilot's license, long trip to New Zealand and Fiji, hang out with Monkeys, dolphins, elephants, and other wild creatures.